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transformers: a new creation

Another thing which sings out in testimony to the truth of the power of Christ's resurrection is the difference it makes in people's lives. When a life is transformed, we are entitled to seek the power behind that transformation. Lets look at some three stage transformations.

Peter, the Rock

  1. St. Peter denies Jesus in a display of cowardice. [Matthew 26:69-75]
  2. St. Peter powerfully proclaims Jesus as Lord. [Acts 9:19-20]
  3. St. Peter is executed by Nero in 64 AD.

James, Rival Sibling

  1. James thinks his brother Jesus is insane. [Mark 3:21]
  2. James proclaims Jesus as his Lord and God. [James 1:1]
  3. James is stoned to death by Annanus, the High Priest in Jerusalem in 61 AD.

Saul, the Destroyer

  1. Saul persecutes Jesus by slaughtering Christians by the dozen. [Acts 8:1-3]
  2. Changes name to Paul, proclaims Jesus as Lord. [Acts 9:19-20]
  3. Paul is beheaded by Nero in Rome in 60 AD.

Modern Day Miracles


Was it a historical inaccuracy which changed these lives? A myth which turned them around? Some misunderstanding which drove them to proclaim Jesus' deity? A conspiracy which took them, still praising, to their untimely deaths? I think not. But if you don't like the sound of the truth, you'll have to make do with this.

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